Hart Memorial Primary School, Charles Street, Craigavon, Co Armagh, BT62 4BD | | Tel: 028 3833 2817 ||Email: info@hartmemorial.portadown.ni.sch.uk
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At the Hart, we provide two full-time nursery classes catering for 52 children.

One is run by Mrs. Morrow and one by Mrs. Handy

Our staff are highly trained nursery specialists and we take great pride in being very aware of the individual learning needs of every child in our care.

Our school day starts from 8.55am until 1.25pm and accommodates children aged 3 to 4. an age group that has been described as being “Sponges”.

Our nursery provides an environment that will stimulate learning at this crucial stage of your child’s life.

Our curriculum covers the six areas of the pre-school curriculum.

The provision in the Hart Nursery provides a good foundation for learning before entering P1.

Parents play a vital part in our programme throughout the year.

As our nursery is part of the main school, it makes the transition from nursery to P1 a more natural progression for your child.