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Healthy Kidz – September’ 2017

Primary 7 have been working hard with the Healthy Kidz coaches in improving their health and well-being. Through a variety of exciting, challenging exercises and games, pupils have been having fun and gaining fitness all at the same time. The children have enjoyed the high impact PE lessons complete with pop music to spur them on. As you can see from the photos, the kids have been having a blast.

Titanic Belfast Trip – September’ 2017

On Wednesday 20th September, P7T and P7M made the short trip up the motorway to visit the Titanic Belfast Centre. P7 pupils have been learning the Titanic as part of their main WAU topic, and being at the centre gave them the opportunity to be fully immersed in the authentic, traditional trades and businesses 105 years ago. Pupils were particularly impressed when learning about the Arrol Gantry, used as the framework around the Titanic as she was being built, they were in shock at the sheer size of this structure! Seeing the bedrooms of all the different classes, as they would have been, allowed pupils to visualise life on board the majestic liner. After the tour in the morning, pupils took part in a lifeboat survival exercise where they were given different materials and challenged to choose what they would choose to be rescued and to survive, a modern day twist on the old-style nature. I’m delighted to say that my class successfully survived their endeavour!

P7T Shared Education – September/October’ 2017

P7T from the Hart and P7F from Presentation Primary have been having a great time re-establishing friendships, having fun while learning about similarities and differences. Pupils have been focusing on discrimination, ageism and sectarianism learning their meanings and how there is a better approach in how we treat each other. From this, we have also looked at identities and how P7 are more similar than what we might first believe. As you can see from the photographs, pupils have been enjoying their time together. The two P7 classes were the first to wear the new shared school t-shirt further consolidating the unique and special friendship between the two schools.

P7T Play in a Day – October’ 2017

Last year, Konflux, who focus on promoting theatre in education had a highly successful ‘play in a day’ with both P7 classes. Subject to this, they worked their magic again with P7T where they spent the day with Johnny working on a play about the Titanic. P7 showed excellent behaviour and concentration listening and working very hard in picking up dialogue and actions that over the course of a school day transformed into a very, respectable piece of theatre. The children did not know before school began that they were completing this and did a fantastic job stepping up to the mark. Some boys in particular showed some natural artistic flair! At the end of the day, P7 performed their play to high acclaim to the rest of the school and very much enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. Well done P7!