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The children in P6 McLeod worked in pairs to design and create their own wooden Viking photo frame.   They make a wonderful display at the back of the classroom.  Well done P6! 🙂


P6M were learning to write effective instructions.  The children made a chocolate apple and wrote their own instructions on how to make it for others to follow.

Shared Education

Izak 9

P6M and their P6 partners from Presentation trialled the Numeracy Cube, Izak9, together. They completed lots of Problem Solving activities, using the Cubes to find answers to the problems. Most importantly, the children really enjoyed working together, providing them with valuable opportunities to work well together. Everyone is looking forward to exploring Izak9 in the near future.

Global Learning Programme

P6M explored the topic of poverty with their partner class from Presentation P.S.  They focused on food waste in our school canteens.  They weighed the food waste from the previous school day and calculated how much waste there would be over a week, month and over a year in just one school.  Pupils discussed ways to reduce food wastage both in the home and at school.

Viking trip

The P6 children visited the Navan Fort Centre, Armagh, to participate in workshops about Viking life.  This was part of their World Around Us topic in Term 1.

W5 trip

P6 children visited W5 to participate in Light workshops, as part of their World Around Us topic.  They also had time to explore the different levels and climb on the Climbit frame.  Everyone had a fantastic time.

Winter pictures

The children enjoyed using tissue paper, white paper and paint to create their own unique winter wonderland.

Digital Storytelling Project



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