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Welcome to P5 D/K

Topic Sheets

Please have a look at what P5DK will be learning this year.


Here are the pupils in P5DK who have got certificates for lots of different reasons.


Class Prefect

Cancer Focus Workshop

Primary 5 took part in an interesting workshop run by Cancer Focus in the hall. They learnt about the harmful rays that the sun has and what damage it can cause our skin,. Using a UV lamp the P5 pupils conducted an investigation into what is the best way to keep safe in the sun Here are some photographs to show what they did.

Technology – Building Tractors

P5DK had a busy afternoon designing, planning and building tractors using lots of different materials. As you can see from the photographs they worked well together in groups to build their tractors.


Class Prefect

Big Workout Fundraiser

On Wednesday 28th March P5DK took part in the whole school Big Workout Fundraiser. The pupils had to complete 10 different activities using a variety of different equipment. Here are a few photographs to show what they did and how hard they all worked. 

ABC Council Environmental Talk 

On Tuesday 27th March P5DK had Pamela from the ABC Council in to talk to them about how to look after the local environment. P5dk have been learning about the world as part of their WAU topic this term and this talk linked well with what they have learning about over the last 5 weeks.

Easter Egg Craft Homework 

P5DK all had a fantastic homework project to work on before they finished for Easter. Every pupil had to remove the contents of an egg by making two holes in the egg and blowing out the contents, they had to plan, design and make an egg of their choice. Here are all of the eggs that they made, I am sure you will agree that they are all very good.

British Science Week

On Wednesday 14th March P5DK took part in a whole school Science day. 

World Book Day

Due to the snow and school being closed World Book Day was celebrated on Wednesday 7th March. P5DK took part along with the whole school in a STEM themed World Book Day this year. The pupils enjoyed watching the webinar hosted by CCEA and listening to the local actor Adam Dougal reading the story Anything’s Possible.


P5DK also completed a series of experiments linked to their class novel for this term The BFG.  Here are some photos to show what fun they had investigating different powders and making Frobscottle juice. 


Class Prefect

Portadown Speech Festival 

This is the first year that Hart Memorial PS have entered the choral speaking at Portadown Speech Festival. Mrs Davison entered the whole P5DK class into the festival and the pupils had to learn two poems, of which one was a set piece that was very long. The pupils worked extremely hard to learn the poems and say them in unison. They were awarded 88 marks and won the class. Every pupil was given a medal and the whole class was presented with a trophy for coming first.

P5DK also had two boys and six girls enter into the individual speech classes during the Speech Festival. They all did a brilliant job! 

Numeracy – Weight practical activities

Here are some photographs to show P5DK working with others to complete practical weight Numeracy tasks. 


Shared Education with Presentation PS 

P5DK have had a fantastic time working with the children from Presentation PS on the Church Study. This takes place for 6 sessions over three weeks.

Technology – Building and making lighthouses. 

As part of the Energy Sources WAU topic P5DK designed and constructed lighthouses using their knowledge of electrical circuits. 


Class Prefect

ICT – Using Scratch 

This term P5DK have been learning how to code. They have been taught how to use a programme called Scratch on the computer and they are building up a good knowledge of how to use this programme.

Healthy Kidz 

P5DK are working hard to achieve the Golden Mile this year. They are really enjoying the sessions they do with Steve every Tuesday. Here are some photos to show what they have been doing. 

Art – Lighthouses 

WAU topic for Term 2a was Energy Sources and the pupils in P5DK enjoyed learning about lighthouses and studied lots of photographs of different types of lighthouses. Here are some photos to show them sketching and the final drawings that were created using watercolours.


Class Prefect

Shared Education with Presentation PS

P5DK used Izak 9 with Presentation PS this month. Both sets of pupils worked together twice during the month of December to solve Numeracy problems. On Monday 4th December Presentation PS pupils visited Hart Memorial PS and on Thursday 7th December P5DK visited Presentation PS. Here are some photographs to show what the pupils did during the sessions.

Literacy Instruction Writing

The pupils in P5DK had a lovely morning making melting snowmen biscuits as part of their Literacy lesson. They have been focusing on instructional writing during Literacy this week and to compete the week they used the instructions they wrote to make these delicious treats.  


Class Prefect

Road Safety Competition 

Lauren from P5DK won a competition that was run by ABC road safety group in partnership with Rushmere Shopping Centre. Lauren went to Rushmere to collect her prize and see her picture featuring in the road safety calendar.  

Armagh Planetarium

P5DK have been learning about Space this term. They went to visit the Armagh Planetarium to find out lots of interesting facts about Earth and all of the planets in the Solar System. The pupils got to build rockets using lots of different materials and launch them by filling them with water. Here are some photographs to show what they got up to.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week P5DK have been looking at what bullying is, how to help someone if they are being bullied and making a friendship ring together as a class.


Class Prefect

Egyptian Visitor Tutu

As part of the WAU topic Egyptian’s P5DK had a special visitor to talk to them all about life in Egypt. 

Literacy – Morning Activity

Here are some of the Literacy activities that P5DK complete when they first come into school each morning. 

Class Assembly – Egyptians

P5DK did their class assembly on Thursday 26th October 2017. They all did a brilliant job learning lines and performing on the stage. The full video of their performance can be seen on the class Seesaw page. I am sure you will agree the costumes were fantastic.

Well done P5DK


Class Prefect

Numeracy – IZAK 9

P5DK have all settled well and have had a busy month learning lots of new and exciting things.

All pupils have been using Izak 9 during a Numeracy lesson this month. They have enjoyed working in groups to solve a variety of different problems.

World Around Us – Egyptians 

The pupils have been busy planning an experiment to see which is the best way to preserve fruit. 

Which way will keep the apple freshest?

Fire Brigade

P5 had a very important talk from the local Fire Brigade this month. The pupils learnt about how to reduce the chances of a fire happening in their homes and what to do if a fire does start. 

They had some homework to do after the talk – each child had to go home and discuss the escape plan they would have in their home if a fire was to break out.