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Welcome to P5 D/K

Topic Sheets

Please have a look at what P5DK will be learning this year.


Here are the pupils in P5DK who have got certificates for lots of different reasons.


Class Prefect

Healthy Kidz 

P5DK are working hard to achieve the Golden Mile this year. They are really enjoying the sessions they do with Steve every Tuesday. Here are some photos to show what they have been doing. 


Class Prefect

Shared Education with Presentation PS

P5DK used Izak 9 with Presentation PS this month. Both sets of pupils worked together twice during the month of December to solve Numeracy problems. On Monday 4th December Presentation PS pupils visited Hart Memorial PS and on Thursday 7th December P5DK visited Presentation PS. Here are some photographs to show what the pupils did during the sessions.

Literacy Instruction Writing  


Class Prefect

Armagh Planetarium 


Class Prefect

Egyptian Visitor Tutu

Class Assembly – Egyptians

P5DK did their class assembly on Thursday 26th October 2017. They all did a brilliant job learning lines and performing on the stage. The full video of their performance can be seen on the class Seesaw page. I am sure you will agree the costumes were fantastic.

Well done P5DK


Class Prefect

Numeracy – IZAK 9

P5DK have all settled well and have had a busy month learning lots of new and exciting things.

All pupils have been using Izak 9 during a Numeracy lesson this month. They have enjoyed working in groups to solve a variety of different problems.

World Around Us – Egyptians 

The pupils have been busy planning an experiment to see which is the best way to preserve fruit. 

Which way will keep the apple freshest?

Fire Brigade

P5 had a very important talk from the local Fire Brigade this month. The pupils learnt about how to reduce the chances of a fire happening in their homes and what to do if a fire does start. 

They had some homework to do after the talk – each child had to go home and discuss the escape plan they would have in their home if a fire was to break out.