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Hello and Welcome to P1T

School begins at 8.45am and ends at 2.00pm.

Please remember to bring snack and dinner money in on a Monday morning in separate envelopes each labelled with your child’s name. Snack is £1.50 per week and dinner costs £2.60 per day or £13.00 per week.

It is important to bring school bags and homework folders to school every day.

New Year, New Friendships

P1T meeting up with and having fun with P1M boys and girls from Presentation PS through our Shared Education Programme. 

December Play Based Learning.

Party Time & Christmas Fun.

We enjoyed taking part in our Nativity.

Off on our Christmas Trip to ‘Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney’ at the Navan Centre Armagh.

We have been learning about Pattern.

November Play Based Learning.

Nocturnal Animals Autumn Art 

October Play Based Learning.

Halloween Fun.

Tharp Family visit from USA.

September Play Based Learning.