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Hello and Welcome to P1T.

School begins at 8.45am and ends at 2.00pm.

Please remember to bring snack and dinner money in on a Monday morning in separate envelopes each labelled with your child’s name. Snack is £1.50 per week and dinner costs £2.60 per day or £13.00 per week.

It is important to bring school bags and homework folders to school every day.

Maths Trails with our friends from Presentation P.S.

The children have been sharing, co-operating and working together while learning about shapes. During our first session they used 2d shapes to create a ‘Shape Monster’ and when we met again we were looking for various shapes in the environment.  A fun time was had by all.

Number Fun.

We are ordering numbers, matching numbers with numicon and playing a number recognition game in the sun

Amazing Beans.

Last month we planted some beans. We  used magnifying glasses to examine the root and shoot of the bean before planting them in compost. Just look how big they have grown over the Easter holidays.

Spring Art Activity.

The children were developing their observational skills while drawing a Spring Plant. Using pastels on card they had to remember to draw only ‘what they see’.

March Play Based Learning.

Big Workout Day.

The children had great fun improving their fitness levels with the Healthy Kidz team.

Easter Fun.

The children enjoyed making an Easter chick, Easter nest buns and having an Easter Egg hunt in the P1 playarea.

Active Learning Activities during Literacy Time.

The children enjoyed taking part in various group activities to help them recognise taught sounds and use them to make cvc words.

Golden Mile.

The children are improving their physical fitness during the Golden Mile challenge while they walk and jog around the school grounds.

Science Week.

The children enjoyed dressing up to celebrate science week. Inspired by the fairytale, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ we planted beans and learned that we need to water them to help them grow. We will be watching them closely hoping they grow like Jacks did.


As our topic this term is Spring, we have been looking for signs of Spring around our school. We are also learning about plants and growth.

February Play Based Learning.

Investigating Weight.

We have been using balance scales to compare the weight of different objects. We worked together, took turns and recorded our findings.

Happy Valentines Day.

Junk Art Toys.

The boys and girls were set a task of designing and making a toy made from junk materials. First they drew their plan and made a list of materials they would need to make their chosen toy. Have a look at their amazing work!

Pancake Day.

The boys and girls enjoyed making pancakes and they all agreed they tasted yummy.

January Play Based Learning.

Fun and Games during PE.

The children are improving their fitness levels with Steve from Healthy Kidz every Tuesday.

Recognising our sounds and practising word building.

Playing through Time at Armagh County Museum.

As our WAU topic is Toys, the children joined their friends from Presentation P S  to engage in a workshop looking at Old and New Toys. The children had an amazing experience learning about the different materials that toys are made from and exploring how moving toys work. Each child had an opportunity to make a Peg doll or Peg aeroplane and play with Toys from the past.

Number Fun.

New Year, New Friendships

P1T meeting up with and having fun with P1M boys and girls from Presentation PS through our Shared Education Programme. 

December Play Based Learning.

Party Time & Christmas Fun.

We enjoyed taking part in our Nativity.

Off on our Christmas Trip to ‘Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney’ at the Navan Centre Armagh.

We have been learning about Pattern.

November Play Based Learning.

Nocturnal Animals Autumn Art. 

October Play Based Learning.

Halloween Fun.

Tharp Family visit from USA.

September Play Based Learning.