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This month we have been learning all about Spring, Easter and young animals. We enjoyed role play in our Vets, painting pictures of farmyard animals and spring flowers, baking and lots more!

We made beautiful flower arrangements for our very special Mummy’s for Mother’s Day.

Making scrambled eggs on toast for our snack.

Owen brought in a lovely surprise from his pond at home…lots of frog spawn!  We put them into a tank and look forward to observing them and watching them grow and become frogs.

Making chocolate nests for an Easter treat.

Having lots of fun going on an egg hunt.

Happy 4th Birthday!


This month we have been learning all about people who help us and their jobs. We enjoyed taking on the roles of a doctor, nurse and patient in our hospital role play area, painting pictures of different people who help us, baking, learning about the different bones in our body (with a little help from Suzy Skeleton!) and lots more!

We also had lots of fun making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and ate them for our snack. They were delicious!

We made special heart shaped buns for valentines day.

Happy 4th Birthday!


We have been very busy in January.  Have a look and see what all we have been learning while having lots of fun!

During the very cold weather we noticed that there were not very many birds visiting our Nursery garden so we talked about how we could help to look after them and encourage them back.  We started by gathering together their favourite food for the bird feeders and hanging them in the trees outside our window so we could watch and see if the birds ate from them.  We had fun looking through the binoculars to bird watch and after being very patient we eventually could hear the birds beautiful singing coming from the trees.  We loved looking at the birds and then finding them in our Bird Watchers book to learn their names.  Our favourite bird was the Wagtail and there were lots of them, waving their tails at us as if they were saying hello! We also saw a little Robin Redbreast, Blackbirds, Magpies, Crows, Chaffinches and lots more.

We painted pictures of Robins and made bird tables and binoculars using re-cycled materials.

Jack Frost has been very busy outside this month so we talked about the cold weather and what colours look cold.  We then made our own cold pictures and Jack Frost display.  We also discussed how to make ice and after making our own we played with it in the water tray and watched it as it melted.  We loved hammering at a big block ice to find hidden toys inside.

We got so excited when it started to snow.  We wrapped up warmly and went outside.  We had lots of fun making footprints, listening to it crunching under our feet and catching it in our hands!  We then thought it would be a good idea to make our own snow to play with inside!!  We also very carefully made an igloo using sugar cubes.

We created Freeze Frames of the Winter weather.  Ooohh, it can be freezing cold, very, very slippery and oh so windy!!

Happy 4th Birthday!