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A fun day at the Giant’s Lair!

Rainbow Day


From Egg to Chick!

As we had a vets surgery and were learning about new life we sourced  some eggs from Mount Norris that had just been laid. We explained to the children that they were special eggs from the chickens at the farm and that if we kept them warm for 21 days they would hatch into little chicks.  Since we didn’t have a mummy hen to sit on them to keep them warm we had to use an incubator.  Very carefully we set the eggs into the incubator and began the count down the days until they hatched.  Each day we looked at how the chicks were developing on our egg- chick development resource.

Finally the big day arrived!  On arrival to school we discovered that there was a small hole in one of the eggs and lots of cheeping!

As each egg hatched we put all the chicks into a special cage which we built and prepared ourselves. We  kept the little chicks warm under a heat lamp.  Every day we  fed them and gave them clean water.  What a great experience!

World Book Day

Yellow and Green Day

A Visit to the Library

We enjoyed a song and rhyme time at the library and also an opportunity to browse through the books!

Jo Jingles Music and Movement Fun!

Happy, Healthy Kids fitness fun!


Fire Services

We were really excited to have Nicky the Fireman visit us at Nursery. We learnt a lot about fire safety, the special uniform fire fighters wear and of course had great fun trying on the very heavy helmet and seeing what it would be like to be a real fire fighter!


The PSNI visited Nursey to tell us how to keep safe and teach us about ‘stranger danger’.  We enjoyed learning how the siren and lights let us know that there is an emergency and we need to pull in. The best bit was sitting up in the police car!

Our Teddy Bear Clinic

The Ambulance Service

Education Works -Stay and Play

As part of our Education Works programme we held a stay and play session. The children along with their family member enjoyed making models linked to our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic.

The children had to choose their materials from a variety of recyclable materials and art resources before joining them together and painting them to complete their model.  As you can see from the photographs we had very busy session with lots of fun!

At the end of session we had a show and tell time where the children and relative told everyone about what they had made and how they did it. We finished by displaying our models in a gallery.

This was an extremely successful morning, thank you to everyone who participated!!


We really enjoyed a visit from Katherine who came from the RSPB and told us we can identify different types of birds from their song and colours, what to feed them and how to attract them into our garden.


We enjoyed a visit to ASDA where we learnt more about shopping. We talked to the fishmonger, butcher, baker, home shopping manager and even went into the very large fridge and freezer….brrrrrrr!! Before we went home we paid for our shopping and got a chance to work the til and print out a receipt.

Black and White Day!