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Edinburgh Trip

Day 1

Primary Seven have had a busy, frantic day discovering the beautiful land of Scotland. Travelling from an early hour via boat and bus has taken the kids to Girvan for a quick break, M&Ds for a Theme Park extravaganza – the children didn’t know what to do first, and then onwards and upwards to the capital city itself. They quickly got settled into their rooms and then gobbled up some chicken and chips. A dander into the city centre allowed the kids to get their first taste of their new surroundings, playing in a park in the heart of the city. A memorable first day and a great setup for the week ahead. Behaviour has been fantastic throughout. A real credit to all. They will certaintly sleep tonight.

Day 2

Day two, from start to finish, was fun filled and memorable throughout. The children were treated to a guided tour about the city learning all about its gruesome past. Just like an episode of Horrible Histories! Everyday a school day! Pupils were then brought to Edinburgh Castle navigating their way past the raised stands for the Military Tattoo to see the platforms overlooking the whole city. A real treat! Some great photos! Next up was Deep Sea World where pupils went under the sea to experience real life sharks up close and personal! They loved it! By this time, excitement was building, to what was arguably the best part of the whole trip, so far. We were taken to the Time Capsule where pupils had a whole water world to explore. They couldn’t get enough. Running about meant pupils were hungry and they were nourished by a good Mickey D’s. A far quieter bus on the way home meant our work here was done. A success again all round.

Day 3

Day Three started with a storm. With whistling winds and gusty gales, it was wonderful to be inside safe and sound, they slept well last night after a busy day. The children were refreshed this morning with a solid breakfast and were ready to go again. The Safari awaited at Blair Drummond and the kids were treated to seeing Lions, Giraffes, Monkeys and Camels all up close! The first thing we did was go to the Sea Lion Show where we seen an extremely intelligent animal listen intently to instructions, performing everything to a tee. A wonderful sight really. The kids were transfixed! Entertainment followed at the play park, boat trip to see the chimpanzees and pedal boats to explore. The weather stayed good and the kids were truly loving life. The final thing we did, was go to the big slide where everyone’s competitive nature came out. Great fun! Back to Edinburgh we went, where children were fed and then started the packing up process. Our final evening activity was ten pin bowling where the children’s skills were put to the test. It was wonderful to stand back for a moment and observe the friendship groups and the sense of camaraderie that these kids have built up over many years. They have been a pleasure to bring over all week and tonight was a great way to end our time in Edinburgh. A big day tomorrow, the kids are looking forward to seeing everyone. It’s been a very positive week. Parents should be very proud.

Day 4