P7 Mrs McNally

Internet Safety.
This half term, P7M have learned lots about how to keep themselves safe online. We welcomed Eleanor from REIM Training Solutions to talk to the class about online safety. The class really enjoyed sharing their stories and learning about the different controls that were available on some of the apps that they use. As part of our work for Safer Internet Day 2017, we also discussed the issue of sharing photos online. The children in P7M are now much more aware of how little control they have over who sees their photos once they post them online. Hopefully we have a class full of safe surfers now!

Titanic Trip
What a day the P7s had at Titanic Belfast on 13th February! We had a fantastic guided tour of the Titanic Exhibition Centre and learned lots of new and interesting information for our Titanic topic. After lunch, we had a refreshing boat tour on the River Lagan before returning to school.

P7M have been learning about Victorian inventions. The first motor car was invented in 1885, during Queen Victoria's reign.
The class used cutting and sticking equipment in Technology to construct their own cars. In groups, they designed a car and decided on what materials and equipment they needed to make it.

The class used their cars to complete a science investigation. One group tested how the size of the wheels affected the distance the car travelled, while another group tested how the number of wheels on the car affected the distance travelled.