P7 T

‘Life in Victorian Times,’ was the children’s WAU topic for Term 1A and, as always, it proved to be excellent for finding the cross curricular links. Some superb samples of themed writing; Queen Victoria diary entries and Victorian Invention FactFiles, were produced and displayed for all to enjoy. The children also developed their writing skills by exploring and creating autobiographical and biographical pieces.
After reading Oliver Twist, the children were given the opportunity to research the various charities and support services there are for families and international children. The children were placed in groups and given time to use their information to work on a Dragon’s Den style pitch to persuade Mr Guy that their assigned family/children support group is the best and therefore worthy of a donation by the nasty Dragon. Three of the four groups tied on 9/10 each and therefore a donation was made to each of the three charities.

The children have developed their ability to use the Izak9 cubes to enhance their problem solving skills. The tasks to date have been tough but the children worked together, sharing ideas and supporting each other’s learning.
We also made the most of the good weather and explored place value to tens of millions outside.


The Victorians topic has also been linked to technology as the children were set the challenge of designing and constructing a Victorian car, which will be used in a science experiment after mid-term.  The children thoroughly enjoyed using a variety of tools to create their cars whilst developing life skills.


One of the key messages that we try to explore and emphasise in P7 is that the children possess the skills and talents to be anything that they want to be in life if they are resilient and are prepared to work hard enough. P7G wrote and performed a special assembly entitled, ‘Resilience,’ for children, staff and parents. The assembly was an amazing success and delivered a very important reminder to all.