P3 Mrs Thompson and Mrs McKitterick


Term 3

P3 Sports Day 2017
A fun, action packed day for all P3 pupils.  See what we got up to and look at the success we all had!

P3 had a wonderful, exciting and energetic workout session with Paul. 

Look at the activities we were lucky enough to enjoy!!

P3 Science Experiment making dough.
We turned our dough into playdough so that we could enjoy moulding it into different shapes.

The P3 year group had a FUNTASTIC day out.  They enjoyed morning snack and play at Solitude Park Banbridge, then to JUMP BOX for great games and fun had by all, even Mrs Major was doing gymnastic tricks on the trampolines and Mrs Thompson playing dodge ball, helped out by Ethan!
After followed a well earned treat at McDonald’s for lunch.
See our pictures

Term 2

P3T enjoyed visiting baby chicks in Mrs Morrows Nursery class.  P3 have been studying the topic of birds and found the chick visit amazing as the facts they were learning suddenly came to real life!

Primary 3 children were great examples of characters from favourite books!

P3 classes were in Pirate Parade around school to showcase their talents!  They all looked fabulous and worked so hard with their Technology homework of designing a pirate ship!  Take a close look at the artist talent and brilliant costumes! 
They held an Art Exhibition for the whole school to see. Special thanks to all the parents for helping make our day special!!

P3T were investigating weight and how to balance items.  Look at the balanced butterflies we were able to make with jelly sweets.  Yum yum!

P3T enjoyed dressing as Odd Characters for the day!  Have a close look at some of the weird and wonderful dressing up we did!

P3T had their Celebration Assembly in January to promote the word “SHINE”.  The children sang the SHINE song, prayed and told their views on how to be better positive people for the new year of 2017. 

All the P3 children had a great time dancing and jiving to DJ Paul’s Christmas tracks!
Tummies filled with party food.  Have look at those happy faces!

Bubble Trouble
We investigated the best ways of making bubbles.  We used different shaped materials and found that circles were best for making the biggest bubbles!  Just look at the fun we had!

Primary 3 enjoyed a lovely trip to Tesco to taste, feel and smell different apples. Our World Around Us topic is all about Autumn/ Harvest and Apples, so this was a great experience for all! Take a look at the great time we had!


P3 children enjoying some group problem solving tasks involving length!



P3 building relationships with Presentation P.S, we had a super time learning more about our differences.